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BoL-related news of the past week (6/24–6/30)

Danielle Pafunda’s BoL chapbook is now available for pre-order!

Get the remaining four 2013 BoL chapbooks (Seth Oelbaum, Anne Marie Rooney, Kari Larsen, and Carrie Hunter) for $8

Samantha Cohen’s Gossip now available as a free PDF

Carrie Murphy has a poem in the new issue of Jellyfish

Christine Shan Shan Hou has work in the new issue of La Vague

Lucas de Lima’s Wet Land is reviewed at HTMLgiant

Carina Finn has a poem up at Luna Luna

Megan Milks reviews Kate Zambreno’s Green Girl at LA Review of Books

JD Scott’s Funerals & Thrones reviewed at Sabotage


Sale on ‘The Birdwisher,’ new at Finery and 2014 annoucements!


Our chapbook sale is over, but Anna Joy Springer’s illustrated novella The Birdwisher is on sale for $6.50 (regularly $10) through Jan. 31st.

A new poem by Becca Klaver is up at Finery.

We are announcing our 2014 titles all week through our Facebook and Twitter! So far our 2014 roster includes:

-a letterpress broadside portfolio featuring poems by LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Niina Pollari, Cathy Park Hong and Christine Hou

-When you Left me in the Rutted Terrain of Our Love at the Border, which I Could Not Cross, Remaining a Citizen of This Corrupted Land, a chapbook by Danielle Pafunda

Stay tuned for more!

$3.50 chapbook weekend…

…is almost over! You have ’til midnight to purchase any of our chapbooks for only $3.50- get to it!



Weekend update

Much excellent new work up at Finery from Carrie Hunter, Kristin Sanders, Amanda Deutch, Susan Bruce, Kristen Stone, Donora Hillard, Christine Hou, and Jenn Marie Nunes, with more coming this week!

If you’d like to gift someone some BoL titles for the holidays, our chapbook bundle is still just $10 through 12/15, and Anna Joy Springer’s The Birdwisher is $7.

We’ll be announcing our 2014 titles SOON! 



Chapbook Bundle discount, contributor news and FINERY

Whether yr wanting to gift chapbooks for the holidays or just itching for some literature yrself, take advantage of BoL’s chapbook bundle deal, now only $10 through 12/15! Any three in-print titles for $10, y’all.

Over at Finery we’ve had some excellent work up over the past few weeks. Check in for poems and visuals from Susan Bruce, Amanda Deutch, Kristin Sanders, Inversion Twilight author Carrie Hunter, and Meredith Blankinship, with new work appearing Mon/Weds/Fri of the coming weeks as well, including fiction from Kristen Stone and collages by Christine Hou. Submit your work to fineryjournal@gmail.com!

In contributor news:

-Rohin Guha writes on the lack of diversity on HBO’s ‘Looking’ at The Aerogram

-a review of Kari Larsen’s chapbook Say You’re a Fiction (Dancing Girls Press 2012); Kari’s BoL chapbook Come as Your Madness will be out next week!

-Alien Daughters Walk into the Sun by Jackie Wang up at Brooklyn Rail

-Megan Milks first full-length collection, Kill Margeurite, will be out next year from Emergency Press! Milks also interviewed Cris Mazza here & co-edited a new issue of Birkensnake here

-Carrie Murphy has 2 new poems in H_NGM_N here

and finally, I just returned from a truly incredible experience for anyone who makes art and wants to help build community in the gorgeous desert landscape of Green River, Utah. You can apply for Epicenter’s 2014 fellowship program here; feel free to email me (Gina) with any questions regardsing the fellowship at birdsoflace@gmail.com.


‘Shell of an Egg in an Effort’ now for sale + other news!


Watching carefully like a rarified cat, the narrator of Anne Marie Rooney’s Shell of an Egg in an Effort is fried still under the the hot sun and waiting. Get a load of these cannibal eyes on orange skin, a taut blue sky and it’s like that song “I’m a Girl Watcher” but the girl being watched is being watched by a girl.

Shell of an Egg in an Effort will begin shipping next week

$5/purchase & read an excerpt

More news:

-Finery is officially relaunched with new work by Ben Fama and Roxanne Carter up this week

-Carrie Murphy’s second full-length book will be published next year by Big Lucks!

-Rohin Guha has a new project he’d like to introduce you to

Shop coupon code for 9/16-9/20

Good afternoon! From now through Fri. 9/20 you can use the coupon code “ONEBIRD1″ to get $1 off any chapbook (or The Birdwisher)! Visit the shop.

Our pre-2012 chapbook titles are now officially retired, but you can still get a 2013 subscription: 10 chapbooks, The Birdwisher, and 3 PDFs for $65 (shipping included)!

Coming tomorrow: an interview with Samantha Cohen on her chapbook Gossip; Anne Marie Rooney’s Shell of An Egg in an Effort will be up for sale by the end of the week!

30 x Lace days 16-18 + Carrie Hunter’s ‘Inversion Twilight’ + poetry month shop special


Over at 30 x Lace we have been thrilled to feature Magdalena Zurawski, Lightsey Darst and Carina Finn over the past three days, respectively. Twelve more days of poets ahead! & don’t forget that we’re selling all poetry titles at $3 (instead of regular $5) for the entirety of April at the shop. Next week Carrie Hunter’s Inversion Twilight will go on sale and that too will be $3! So keep ‘em peeled.


Happy Poetry Month! & TONS of news

To begin with, since it’s April 1st: Happy National Poetry Month! In honor of the occasion Carrie Murphy and Birds of Lace bring you:



A website where we’ll be posting a poem/poet a day, plus a recommendation from the poet of a book of poems they’ve loved. Check in with us everyday here; Nicole Steinberg kicked us off today!

Did you know that Jeanine Deibel’s In the Grave is out NOW?



Boys boys boys, in the grave and in each other’s faces, pummeling and beating and traversing the land like they once owned it and mean to take it back with bloody fists or at least pretend to, or at least leave it scarred up and sweaty for the meek to inherit.


“After beating those boys after punching their faces with bats until the idea of face became blurry after huffing clouds against the sky doubled over we debated whether to drag them out of sight or bury our boots between slats of rib taking turns until we were forced to stop from the coughing to catch our breath and leave. We would come back for them Ty told me we would clean up our mess but that rarely happened.”

Purchase In the Grave here. Coming later this month: Carrie Hunter’s Inversion Twilight.


& now for news:

-Birds of Lace participated in a women publishers roundtable at Delirious Hem, curated by Kristina Marie Darling. Also on the panel are dancing girl press, Patasola Press, Noctuary Press, Switchback Books, and Sundress Publications. Read parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

-all BoL poetry chapbooks are $3 for the entirety of April! Get ‘em at the shop

-Judy Berman and Niina Pollari’s awesome It’s Complicated project, which looks at problematic artists/art and the feminists who enjoy them, has just released it’s first zine in the series, Totally Crushed Out. This zine has these rad essays:

Nona Willis Aronowitz on Eminem
Brooklyn Copeland on Marlon Brando 
Elisabeth Donnelly on The Afghan Whigs
Nina Mashurova on Charles Bukowski
Tom Ribitzky on the men of Ayn Rand
Judy Berman on Glam Rock

Order it here! And read an interview with the editors here.

-Speaking of Niina Pollari, her excellent/sick/funny translations of Tyitti Heikkinen’s poetry, The Warmth of the Taxidermied Animal, is out now from Action Books. Get your copy here.

-If you didn’t make it to the Dancing Birds Brunch at AWP ’13, JD Scott recaps it for your convenience here.

-Carrie Murphy has a new poem in Big Lucks and another at The Bakery

-Rohin Guha wrote about the Bechdel test as applied to some of your favorite tv shows

-Carina Finn has a poem in the new issue of Coconut

-and finally, Bambi Muse reviewed Anna Joy Springer’s The Birdwisher





Monday flash sale!

From now until midnight tonight EVERYTHING in the shop (except for subscriptions) is 50% off! Use the coupon code “monday” and get to it!