2011 BoL subscription + some

Hello all,

You can now buy a 2011 subscription to Birds of Lace! A subscription will get you Jackie Wang’s C. Exigua, Adam Strauss’ Perhaps a Girl Elsewhere, Kristina Marie Darling’s Footnotes on a History of the Victorian Novel, Leon Baham’s Ponyboy Sigh, a dvd compilation of films by Jacqueline Mary & pehaps some other fine literary goods as well, all for a steal at $28! Your subscription will also help the printing of new chapbooks and other projects from Birds of Lace during this year. You can purchase your subscription here.

Jackie Wang’s C. Exigua is our newest release & it has now been added to the Birds of Lace chapbook bundle, which also includes Rohin Guha’s Relief Work, Niina Pollari’s Fabulous Essential and Christine Vi-Van Nguyen’s Blood and Jasmine When I Dreamed Her, all for just $18 (less than if you bought each separately!). The chapbook bundle is available here.

If you have any interest in reviewing C. Exigua, or any BoL titles, please email birdsoflace@gmail.com about review copies.

Coming in April: a chapbook from Adam Strauss & a fanciful broadside/chapbook from Kristina Marie Darling!

& a big congratulations to Fabulous Essential author Niina Pollari, whose chapbook Book Four will be published by Hyacinth Girl Press later this year. More Pollari poems kicking around on this planet is always good news.

Finally, all our heart to the people in Japan. Here is a letter Yoko Ono wrote concerning the disaster.


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