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BoL-related news of the past week

–This week at Finery: Tim Jones-Yelvington, Feng Sun Chen, and Nikki Wallschlaeger

–BoL will have a table at the sixth annual CUNY/NYC Chapbook Festival book fair on April 3rd

–The reading/celebration for our first chapbook of 2014, Kristen Stone’s The Story of Ruth and Eliza/Self-help Workbook, will be April 19th at 6:30 p.m. at Avid Bookshop in Athens, GA; Kristen will be joined by readers Gale Marie Thompson and Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes

Megan Milks’ new full-length book, Kill Marguerite, gets a shout-out at The Huffington Post

– “At the same time you’ll remember, all us theater girls had seemingly unrelatedly morphed into badly-tattooed gen-barf-x feminatzi anarchist whore menstrual extraction volunteers demographic dancing on sticky stages, with over half our lives choreographed by unseen Daddy Warbuckses in secret Masonic red-nuclear-button rings and televangelist creampuff hair.” Anna Joy Springer has an excerpt from a book-in-progress, Art in Heaven, at No More Potlucks

photos from our AWP off-site reading with Spooky Girlfriend Press & Solar Luxuriance, which was predictably wonderful

a new poem from Andrea Quinlan

Danielle Pafunda has been added to Coconut’s 2014 line-up with her book The Dead Girls Speak in Unison, which will be out Fall ’14

Watch video of Lucas de Lima reading from his new book Wet Land

–a few copies of OOP titles Ponyboy, Sigh (Leon Baham), TWINS (Megan Milks), and C. Exigua (Jackie Wang) were printed for AWP and a couple are up at the etsy shop; get ’em while they’re there! Additionally, the next four copies of Anna Joy Springer’s The Birdwisher purchased will come signed by the author


Going, going…

Big news: many of our older titles are going to be retired to make room for all the new ones. As of Sep. 15th, the following titles will no longer be in print:

Ponyboy Sigh by Leon Baham

C. Exigua by Jackie Wang

Relief Work by Rohin Guha

Perhaps a Girl Elsewhere by Adam Strauss

Meet the Lavenders by Carrie Murphy

Fetish by Jason Helm


If you want to buy a copy before they go out of print, hurry to the shop! And get ready for our next release, coming later this month: Anne Marie Rooney’s Shell of an Egg in an Effort. It’s also never too late to subscribe– and our subscribers will be getting a super limited edition chapbook in December, with new work from all of our 2012/2013 authors! Additionally, all subscribers will be offered a discount on our 2014 subscription, which we will announce later this year.



2011 BoL subscription + some

Hello all,

You can now buy a 2011 subscription to Birds of Lace! A subscription will get you Jackie Wang’s C. Exigua, Adam Strauss’ Perhaps a Girl Elsewhere, Kristina Marie Darling’s Footnotes on a History of the Victorian Novel, Leon Baham’s Ponyboy Sigh, a dvd compilation of films by Jacqueline Mary & pehaps some other fine literary goods as well, all for a steal at $28! Your subscription will also help the printing of new chapbooks and other projects from Birds of Lace during this year. You can purchase your subscription here.

Jackie Wang’s C. Exigua is our newest release & it has now been added to the Birds of Lace chapbook bundle, which also includes Rohin Guha’s Relief Work, Niina Pollari’s Fabulous Essential and Christine Vi-Van Nguyen’s Blood and Jasmine When I Dreamed Her, all for just $18 (less than if you bought each separately!). The chapbook bundle is available here.

If you have any interest in reviewing C. Exigua, or any BoL titles, please email birdsoflace@gmail.com about review copies.

Coming in April: a chapbook from Adam Strauss & a fanciful broadside/chapbook from Kristina Marie Darling!

& a big congratulations to Fabulous Essential author Niina Pollari, whose chapbook Book Four will be published by Hyacinth Girl Press later this year. More Pollari poems kicking around on this planet is always good news.

Finally, all our heart to the people in Japan. Here is a letter Yoko Ono wrote concerning the disaster.


‘C. Exigua’ by Jackie Wang available now!

Jackie Wang’s chapbook of short fiction, C. Exigua, is now available from our etsy shop! Click here to purchase.

C. Exigua is a collection of three short stories by Jackie Wang (www.serbianballerinasdancewithmachineguns.com). Topics covered include runaway tongues, dirt/crumb revolutions, childhood memories, vomitous faces, disgusting shows of romance (see: vomitous faces), and all the varied complications and wondrous connections amongst such things. Original illustrations for the cover & within by Caroline Bren. 32 pages, $5.


‘C. Exigua’ at AWP, a reading & more

If you will be at this year’s AWP conference in Washington, DC you can stop by HTMLgiant’s table to pick up a copy of Jackie Wang’s debut chapbook, C. Exigua. (The chapbook will also be available for purchase online within the month.) C. Exigua contains three short stories about busy tongues, dirt & crumb revolutions, all-consuming colors, vomit, disgusting shows of affection (see: vomit), childhood friendships, and other such unseemly subjects. There are also fantastic illustrations & cover artwork by Caroline Bren.

If you are in the NYC area, mark your calenders for Feb. 8th, as Relief Work author Rohin Guha will be reading:

Finally, I want to encourage you to visit Shakedown‘s kickstarter page. Shakedown is a film made by Leilah Weinraub that needs your donations so it can be finished:

“The films structure employs the cycle of money exchanged and passed through the world as a metaphor for energy; from costume maker to security guard to patrons to the dancer’s children. SHAKEDOWN emphasizes the symbiotic nature of how things work in a system.

The film is anchored in the stories of three women: Ronnie Ron, the creator and emcee of Shakedown, a large butch/stud lesbian and former Jehovah’s Witness; Egypt, a single mother, beauty pageant fanatic, and dedicated self – (re)inventor; and Jazmyne, the complicated and sometimes conflicted “Queen” of Shakedown. We go through the process of their labor with them and record what they do, and how they feel about what they are doing.

From a meta-perspective, queer cultural production remains at the fringes of society today. It is largely undocumented, and therefore communities and art forms continuously disappear as stories are forgotten. SHAKEDOWN, is an entirely self-funded project. We need your help to complete the edit of the film, master the sound and score, color correct the images, fly to LA to shoot our final interviews with the dancers and have an amazing premiere in cities across America.”

If you are able, please visit the link above to donate- any little bit helps- they are really close to reaching their goal!


Coming Soon: C. Exigua