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New work at FINERY, ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ cover art + coming soon

Today at Finery we have a poem from Meredith Blankinship; read here!

And presenting the cover art for Andrea Quinlan’s newly released The Mysteries of Laura:




Coming soon from BoL: Kari Larsen’s Come as Your Madness later this month & our subscriber-only anthology chapbook in Dec., featuring brand new writing from all our ’12/’13 authors! Additionally, lots of new work will be posted over the coming weeks at Finery, which we’ll link to/announce here.

Subscription Winner + macey [triolets]


Welcome to 2013, readers! Birds of Lace is ecstatic and maybe even wonderfully hysterical about our 2013 release schedule. Our first release of 2013 will be Seth Oelbaum‘s macey [triolets], for which there will be a pre-order page next week. Pre-orders will come with an emailed PDF from Oelbaum of a teddy bear lookbook that accompanies his texts. Here’s a sample poem from the chapbook:

dragging our holey shop bags on sunny sidewalks,
teddy and i are crazy for cure that reams.
crackers, creams, combs — mommy steams up for price drops.
dragging our holey shop bags on sunny sidewalks,
we ask sunny, “sunny, why are you a cock?”
if you get, a comb you’ll get for unclean mien.
dragging our holey shop bags on sunny sidewalks,
teddy and i are crazy for cure that reams.


Congratulations to the winner of a free 2013 BoL subscription, Andrea Lawlor! Stay tuned throughout the year for more giveaways and freebie contests. In the meantime, we’ve extended our 20% coupon through 1/15 for 2013 subscriptions; just enter “happynewyear” at checkout for the discount.



Announcing the release of our first 2012 title, Carina Finn’s  MY LIFE IS A MOVIE. Pre-orders and more information shortly forthcoming; prepare to fall into love jail.

An excerpt:


in cowboy movies everybody is noble and I like that about them also their skies. also in cowboy movies a lot of times the cowboys make breakfast in cast-iron appliances over real fires and without shirts on and the girls lie around feeling famished from so much cowboy-sex. if there were cowboys in winter they would still be able to make breakfast outside without shirts on because they are cowboys. the girls would wear dresses and bows and drink whiskey out of tin cups or break horses just like the cowboys except they are girls when they are in love which is always but especially or

I am riding in the back of a van with a bag of epees on my back and every fourth house has a star on it or cows or I tell myself a story about a modern general store that sells nothing but lemon drops in barrels or I am told a story about peanut butter and guns. outside the air smells like july or a pretzel factory or I am nailing a salt-lick to a rotting wooden wall.

Coming ever-so soon: Carrie Murphy’s ‘Meet the Lavenders’

Carrie Murphy’s tale-through-poetry of a fictional ’60s girl group, Meet the Lavenders, is just about ready to be unleashed upon the world. Tomorrow will see the filming of an accompanying chapbook trailer, BoL’s very first, and a pre-order page should be up by tomorrow evening! ‘Til then, behold two of the illustrations for the chapbook by the wonderful Rhani Lee Remedes and Susanna Troxler, who’ve offered their talents to give us two different and dynamic takes on the lovely Lavenders themselves:

illustration by Rhani Lee Remedes

illustration by Susanna Troxler

BoL News Round-up

*Tomorrow night in NYC our very own Rohin Guha (Relief Work) is reading with BoL favorite Jason Helm at the Gaslight Reading Series. The event starts at 7pm and is being held at 116 bar @ 116 MacDougal.

*Mr. Guha is also busy infiltrating the UK’s pop-media, as evidenced by his cameo over at The Guardian regarding the firing of Cheryl Cole.

*Niina Pollari has an article up over at Jezebel. Additionally, you may or may not know that she is in an excellent punk-rock accordian-and-megaphone-touting band called Mindtroll, whose music can be enjoyed here.

* Starting tomorrow, Anna Joy Springer (The Birdwisher) is going on tour for her new book The Vicious Red Relic, Love, out from Jaded Ibis Press. You can view tour dates here; The Birdwisher will be available for sale at the San Francisco and Berkeley dates.

*Next month will see the release of two new BoL titles: Ponyboy, Sigh by Leon Baham and Meet the Lavenders by Carrie Murphy. There will also be special pre-order extras going out with both of these chapbooks which I can’t wait to share with you, soon!


Finery (#5) contributor Brooklyn Copeland wrote a lovely review of Adam Strauss’ Perhaps a Girl Elsewhere over at her blog. Thanks Brooklyn! You can purchase Perhaps a Girl Elsewhere here.

Soon I will be posting a call for submissions for Finery #8- finally!

You only have a week left to order Anna Joy Springer’s The Birdwisher at 30% off. Visit our etsy page to order & use the code “vicious” at checkout.

Next month will see the release of Kristina Marie Darling’s Footnotes to a History of the Victorian Novel, a limited-edition chapbook/broadside that makes use not only of elegant wordplay but also vintage wallpaper, tiny ornaments, an IBM Selctric II typewriter, soft pink paper and brightly colored thread. Shortly thereafter we will have two other brilliant releases to kick off summer, with Leon Baham’s spooky poetic essay based on The Outsiders, Ponyboy, Sigh and Carrie Murphy’s ode to ’60s girl groups, Meet the Lavenders, which will feature a cover and illustrations by Rhani Lee Remedes.

Coming soon: Footnotes to a History of the Victorian Novel