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New issue of Prayers for Children + news

The third and final issue of Prayers for Children (an online art zine I co-edit) is now up over here. Our swan song is a love letter to music and how it inspires; this issue features the genius of Jack X. Taylor, Leon Baham, Cleonette Harris, Matthew Gallaway (author of the excellent The Metropolis Case), Mindtroll (a band featuring BoL’s own Niina Pollari), Ula Zuhra, Christine Vi-Van Nguyen, Susanna Troxler, Meghan Lamb, B.C. Edwards, Lustcats of the Gutters, Andrew Bell, Rohin Guha, Jef Barbara, Erik Peterson, Samuelroy, Inbred Hybrid Collective, Demian Dine’Yazhi’, Thomas Boettner, and Matt Momchilov, plus interviews with SSION’s Cody Critchole and Bow Wow Wow’s Annabella Lwin.

Laura Beth Davis wrote a great post on chapbooks over at the ModCloth blog which features Birds of Lace, Dancing Girl Press and Blood Pudding Press. You can find it here. We’re honored to be featured alongside two other presses that we love!

This Thurs. in NYC you can (and should!) go to the Sweet! Actors Reading Writers Series. This event will feature a reading of Jason Helm’s Fetish, and early copies of the chapbook will be available from the author. More information on the event can be found here.

Speaking of Fetish, here are a few examples of the collaged covers for the CD of Helm reading the story, which is being sent out with pre-orders:


Carrie Murphy’s ‘Meet the Lavenders’ now available for pre-order! + chapbook trailer

You can now pre-order Carrie Murphy’s Meet the Lavenders at the BoL etsy shop! Click here to order and read more about it. Your pre-order includes a handmade ‘I (heart) The Lavender’ brooch, so you can be the most stylin’ groupie of a fictional girl group that ever walked your town. Meet the Lavenders is illustrated by Rhani Lee Remedes and Susanna Troxler, with cover art by Remedes.

Yesterday we shot a trailer for Meet the Lavenders, starring the ever lovely Margaret! View the video below, featuring an excerpt from the chapbook and all that is lavender:

chapbook trailer for Carrie Murphy’s ‘Meet the Lavenders’ from Birds of Lace on Vimeo.

Coming ever-so soon: Carrie Murphy’s ‘Meet the Lavenders’

Carrie Murphy’s tale-through-poetry of a fictional ’60s girl group, Meet the Lavenders, is just about ready to be unleashed upon the world. Tomorrow will see the filming of an accompanying chapbook trailer, BoL’s very first, and a pre-order page should be up by tomorrow evening! ‘Til then, behold two of the illustrations for the chapbook by the wonderful Rhani Lee Remedes and Susanna Troxler, who’ve offered their talents to give us two different and dynamic takes on the lovely Lavenders themselves:

illustration by Rhani Lee Remedes

illustration by Susanna Troxler